Our Story

Family Photo


Ervin and Suzy have both had a passion for being creative their entire lives, and it is something we have loved to see flourish in our three children. Whether it is coloring pictures of their favorite cartoon characters or building a spaceship from cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes, every day is filled with creativity. Suzy has fostered an interest in interior design and making small, unique items to add that special touch around the home. And Ervin has talked for far too long about his desire to do more woodworking and to relax by spending time building things with his own two hands.

Almost by accident we discovered that both of us had been seeing advertisements for laser cutters & engravers and thinking of all of the fun and interesting projects we could do with one. With that, it was only a matter of a few days doing research before we decided to get a machine to add to our tools that would allow us to express ourselves in new ways. We found ourselves excitedly talking about the different ideas we had while we patiently, or not, awaited the arrival of our laser. It was then just a short leap to deciding to start Gray Mountain Studios and share our creations with others.

At the core of Gray Mountain Studios is the combination of our family's love of creativity and our kids' examples of making something special for those around them. We are excited to be able to make items that are uniquely yours that we hope you will cherish for many years to come.